Higher Education Diploma in Equine Nutrition

    TOCES Higher Education Diploma in Equine Nutrition is designed for learners with an interest in nutrition seeking to expand their knowledge and is ideal for horse owners, feed company managers and their employees, yard managers and Equine Science graduates. The programme is delivered at HE Levels 4 and 5, and is designed to give an in-depth knowledge of the scientific principles that underpin equine nutrition, integrating aspects of animal, plant and microbial biochemistry, putting this information into context by reference to the horse’s normal biochemistry and physiology.

    In addition to examining the nutrient requirements for horses, feed evaluation, and diet composition, you will learn about research techniques currently used by equine nutritionists to investigate equid digestive physiology, including in vivo and in vitro techniques that are used to develop new feeds and investigate feed interactions.

    You will be introduced to the wide body of equine nutrition research and encouraged to evaluate this work in relation to its application. Recent developments in equine nutritional research will be interlinked with new research on the aetiology, prevention and treatment of nutrition related metabolic disorders.

    This programme also provides progression from the TOCES Introductory Diploma in Equine Nutrition.

    There is optional attendance at an Equine Nutrition Workshop which will consolidate the theoretical study.

    Course Accreditation

    Academic Level:

    Further Education Level 4 and 5

    Number of Modules:


    Study Hours per Unit:


    Total Hours:


    Course Duration:

    30 months

    Study Week Requirements:

    Optional attendance at Equine Nutrition Workshop (3 days)

    Upon enrolment you are provided with access onto TOCES’ online E-Learning Centre where you will find your study guide, study planner, Course Advisor and tutor information, course material, assignments and other helpful study resources.

    Course material consists of:

    • Detailed illustrated text in pdf format which you can print or download and save.
    • Online learning resources including in-text questions and activities.
    • Pre-recorded webinars, online lectures and videos.
    • You will complete ten work assignments. Referring to the course material, you will complete the assignments at your own pace, within the maximum study period, and submit online for marking and assessment.  Your work is assessed by a qualified tutor, graded and returned to you with detailed feedback.
    • The first assignment in each module is formative, designed to prepare you for the second assignment, a summative work assignment which contributes towards your overall grade.


    This programme is currently classified as customised provision and is quality assured and approved by Pearson Assured. The certificate received upon completion of this programme will be a Pearson Assured certificate.

      • Minimum 16 years old
      • Level 3 or equivalent qualification in a similar subject area and/or
      • three GCSEs at Grade C (4) and above.
      • If you do not hold a level 3 qualification you may wish to consider TOCES Introductory Diploma in Equine Nutrition. Satisfactory completion of this will ensure you are suitably prepared for the HE Diploma Course.
      • Non-UK qualifications of a comparable level to those listed above.
      • Overseas students whose first language is not English must hold a minimum of level 7 International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Further information can be gained from www.ielts.org.

    Course Accreditation

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    Module/Unit Details

    • Module 1 Equine Anatomy, Physiology and Nutritional Biochemistry

      The aim of this module is to develop the learner’s knowledge of:
      – Cell structure and function
      – Tissue types
      – The organs
      – The physiology of the kidney, liver, respiratory, cardiovascular and urinary systems
      – Nutrient function and metabolism
      – Digestion and fermentation
      – How energy is obtained and utilised

    • Module 2 Sward Management

      The aim of this module is to develop the learner’s knowledge of:
      – Soils
      – Grass and grassland for equine pasture
      – Management of grassland
      – Pasture management in relation to the equine establishment

    • Module 3 Equine Nutrition

      The aim of this module is to develop the learner’s knowledge of:
      – Energy sources in the equine diet
      – Digestive physiology of the horse
      – Nutrient requirements of the horse
      – Nature and production of horse feeds

    • Module 4 Advances in Equine Nutrition

      The aim of this module is to develop the learner’s knowledge of:
      – Chemical profile of plants and their impact on digestion and metabolism
      – Nutrient requirements of breeding equids
      – Nutritional research and its impact on feeding practices
      – Nutrition related metabolic disorders in the horse

    • Module 5 Equine Sports Nutrition

      The aim of this module is to develop the learner’s knowledge of:
      – The impact of research on feed analysis and nutrient requirements in the horse
      – Nutritional research techniques and developments
      – Feeding regimes for a range of equestrian disciplines


    Full Payment


    • Online access to all course material and assignments
    • Tutor support
    • Enrolments are accepted at any time throughout the year.

    Finance Option


    • £57.50 Initial deposit
    • 18 monthly installments of £30.95
    • 9.9% APR

    Pay as You Learn

    £175 Initial Fee

    • Initial fee: £175 Access to Module 1. Assignments 1 and 2 marked.
    • Second payment: £100 Access to Module 2. Assignments 3 and 4 marked.
    • Third payment: £100 Access to Module 3. Assignments 5 and 6 marked.
    • Fourth payment: £100 Access to Module 4. Assignments 7 and 8 marked.
    • Fifth payment £100 Access to Module 5. Assignments 9 and 10 marked. Certificate awarded.


    • Enrolment and Fees

      Enrolments are accepted for all courses anytime throughout the year

      Following enrolment you will be provided with access onto out online E-Learning Centre where you will find all of your course material, assignments and other helpful study resources.

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