Level 3 Equine Maintenance Therapies for Horse Owners

This course is designed to:

  • Provide horse owners with a grounding in the application of maintenance therapies for their own horses.
  • Introduce key ethical principles applicable to the application of equine therapy.
  • Instill an understanding of equine musculoskeletal anatomy.
  • Develop basic manual therapy skills such as massage and stretching.
  • Provide tools to improve performance by means of movement therapy techniques such as pole work exercises and in-hand work.
  • Equip learners with the knowledge to identify when their horse might be experiencing pain or discomfort, therefore needing the intervention of a veterinary surgeon and/or suitably qualified musculoskeletal practitioner.

Equine Maintenance Therapies is ideal for:

  • Those interested in applying basic manual therapy techniques to their own horses.
  • Horse owners who are looking to improve their own horse’s performance.

Please note this course does not qualify you as an equine therapist.

Course Accreditation

Academic Level:

FE Level 3

Number of Units:


Study Hours per Unit:


Total Hours:


Course Duration:

3-6 Months

Delivery Mode:

This course has been designed to study from home; there is no attended study week requirement but once Covid-19 restrictions have eased further we will be holding Equine Maintenance Therapy Study Weeks and Workshops which you will be notified about.  Please note the cost of the study week and workshops is not included within this course fee.

Upon enrolment you are provided with access to our E-Learning Centre where you will find your study guide, course material, videos, webinars, assignments and other helpful study resources.

The course is divided into four units which consist of:

  • Detailed illustrated text.
  • In-text questions to answer and in-text activities.
  • Video resources.
  • Webinars.

During the course you will complete assignments for each unit. Referring to the course material, you will complete the work assignments and submit each in turn for marking and assessment. Your work is assessed by qualified tutors, graded and returned to you with detailed feedback.


Assessment Methods:

  • Essay style assignment submissions
  • Online assessments
  • Video assessments

Applicants should be:

  • Aged 14 or above.
  • Interested in learning more about horse anatomy, care and management.

Course Accreditation

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Module/Unit Details

  • Unit 1 Unit 1: Introduction to Equine Anatomy

    • Provides a foundation upon which to start the study of maintenance therapies.
    • Superficial anatomy, including musculature and skeletal landmarks.
    • Study the skeleton and joints.
    • How the musculoskeletal system functions in order to maintain equine health and wellbeing.
  • Unit 2 Unit 2: Introduction to Equine Health Management

    • Routine husbandry and health management.
    • The effects of pain on horses’ behaviour.
    • The role of the professional healthcare team to benefit overall horse health: veterinary surgeon, farrier, equine dentist, saddle fitter, equine physiotherapist.
  • Unit 3 Unit 3: Introduction to Manual Therapies

    • Safe and effective handling of horses, with an awareness of risks.
    • Understanding of the different manual therapies which can be used to maintain a horse’s health and wellbeing alongside the involvement of a suitably qualified equine health management team.
    • Tutor-led video and webinar sessions demonstrate and explain massage and stretch techniques.


Full Payment

Pay as You Learn

£47 Initial Fee

  • 4 Further payments of £32