Foundation/Novice Short Course: Equine Health and Nutrition

    The course is designed to provide:


    This course is ideal for:

    • Inexperienced students from the age of 14 years
    • Students at the start of training with little or no experience of horse-care
    • A ‘returning to horses’ student – perhaps you rode years ago and are a bit rusty
    • Non-horsey’ parents of pony-mad children

    Course Accreditation

    Academic Level:

    Further Education Level 2

    Number of Modules:


    Study Hours per Unit:


    Total Hours: 


    Course Duration: 

    Maximum 12 months

    Study Week Requirements:

    Optional Stable Management Study Week (Additional fees apply. Please see Study Week page)

    Upon enrolment you are provided with access onto TOCES’ online E-Learning Centre where you will find your study guide, study planner, Course Advisor and tutor information, course material, assignments and other helpful study resources.

    The HE specialist short courses consist of:

    • Detailed illustrated text in pdf format which you can print or download.
    • Online learning resources including in-text questions and activities.
    • Pre-recorded webinars, online lectures and videos.
    • You will study and complete one assignment per module. Referring to the course material, you will complete the assignments at your own pace, within the maximum study period, and submit online for marking and assessment.
    • Your work is assessed by a qualified tutor, graded and returned to you with detailed feedback.
    • Upon completion of the course you will receive a graded TOCES certificate.

    Short courses offer optional study week attendance at TOCES’ yard in Suffolk. This consolidates the theoretical studies with a mixture of taught classroom based lessons and practical sessions.

    • aged 13 or more – there is no upper age limit
    • interested in learning more about horse care and management

    Course Accreditation

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    Module/Unit Details

    • Module 1 Maintaining Health

      The aim of this module is to introduce learners to:
      – The optimum environment for good health
      – The physical and psychological wellbeing of horses
      – The behaviour of the horse
      – Preventative medicine, vaccinations, worming and dental care
      – Foot care and the shoeing process

    • Module 2 Veterinary Care

      The aim of this module is to introduce learners to:
      – Hygiene and disease prevention
      – Signs of good health
      – Recognising poor health
      – When to call the vet
      – The equine first aid kit
      – Types of wounds, would treatment and dealing with bleeding and inflammation
      – Signs, causes and course of action for: Coughing, laminitis, thrush, cracked heals and mud fever.

    • Module 3 Feeding

      The aim of this module is to introduce learners to:
      – The digestive tract
      – Basic digestion
      – Types of feedstuffs
      – The rules of feeding
      – Food preparation
      – The use of haynets
      – Sample feed charts for different types of horses and ponies


    Full Payment


    • Online access to all course material and assignments
    • Tutor support
    • Additional fees apply for Optional Stable Management Study Week

    Pay as You Learn

    £50 Initial Fee

    • Initial fee: £50 Access to Module 1 and first assignment marked.
    • Second payment: £25 Access to Module 2 and second assignment marked.
    • Third payment: £25 Access to Module 3 and third assignment marked. Certificate awarded.


    • Enrolment and Fees

      Enrolments are accepted for all courses anytime throughout the year

      Following enrolment you will be provided with access onto our online E-Learning Centre where you will find all of your course material, assignments and other helpful study resources.

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