Terms and Conditions


This Course Withdrawal Policy details refunds and fees payable if you cancel your enrolment and withdraw from your course. Please read this document carefully as it forms part of your Learning Agreement.

Please read the Policy and confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions by ticking the boxes within the Enrolment Form. We recommend that you print the Terms and Conditions for future reference.

Terms and Conditions of Withdrawal

  1. The Open College of Equine Studies operates on a ‘pay in advance’ basis. In order to provide ‘The Service’ the course fees cover the tutorial support you receive from the start of your course, a contribution towards the cost of developing and producing the academic content of the course, your online or PDF course material, associated administrative costs and the cost of contracting tutors and providing online resources to support your studies. These costs are incurred before you start your studies and, when you enrol, you agree to become liable for your course fee as set out in this document.
  2. The ‘Service’ you will receive upon enrolment is detailed in the Learner Agreement.
  3. Under The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, your right to cancel a service starts the moment you enter into the contract and lasts 14 days.
  4. You are deemed to enter into a contract with The Open College of Equine Studies on the day you pay either the full course fee or the first payment of a payment plan. This date is your ‘Enrolment Date’.
  5. You must ensure that TOCES has received your completed Enrolment Form and signed Withdrawal Policy and Learner Agreement on or before your Enrolment Date, i.e. on or before the day your payment is received. TOCES must be in receipt of these documents before course material will be posted, emailed or made available online.
  6. If your course is predominantly delivered online you will have access to an ‘Induction Module’ for the first 14 days following your Enrolment Date. This provides a Study Guide and a clear indication of the style, level, content and character of the digital content of the full programme. It is designed to give you the opportunity to appraise the programme. When you select to progress beyond the Induction Module you are classified as having downloaded digital content.
  7. If you want to download digital content within the 14 day cancellation period you must agree to waive your cancellation rights.
  8. Fees paid will be refunded if you notify us within 14 days of your Enrolment Date that you intend to withdraw from your course, and if appropriate, return the course material to us, well packaged. If you do not notify us or return the material within this timeframe, or you download digital content within the 14 day cancellation period, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of payment and you are liable to pay the course fee in full.
  9. Any payments made using a transfer from a previous course cannot be refunded.
  10. Fees paid in respect of Awarding Body registration (E.g. BTEC, City & Guilds, RCVS) and external examinations (City & Guilds) are non-refundable.
  11. Fees paid in respect of printing and postage are non-refundable.
  12. If you withdraw from your course more than 14 days following your Enrolment Date, you will be liable to pay the full course fee.
  13. The Open College of Equine Studies shall not be liable for refund of fees or any other penalty should courses or study weeks be cancelled due to war, fire, strike, lockout, industrial action, tempest, accident, civil disturbance, or any other cause whatsoever beyond their control.
  14. If you wish to withdraw from your course, please email or write to the Programme Manager at The Open College of Equine Studies. Please note that it is not sufficient to tell your tutor or course advisor that you wish to withdraw from your course. You must confirm your intentions to the Programme Manager so that you can be correctly advised of your fee liability.

If you have any queries about this Withdrawal Policy please contact the office on 01284 811 401 or by email at



These conditions form the basis of the Learner Agreement between The Open College of Equine Studies (the College) and the enrolled person (the Student).



1.1 The Service provided in return for the payment of the course fee payable by the Student includes the provision of:

* Course materials consisting of course modules presented in PDF format. Some programmes include e-learning materials.

* Study Guide.

* Tutor and course advisor support.

* Marking and assessment of assignments.

* Study Weeks as appropriate, including lunch but excluding accommodation, breakfast and dinner.

* Book borrowing from The Open College library service, excluding postage costs.

* Regular newsletters sent by email

1.2 Responsibility for the payment of all fees lies with the Student, even when another person has undertaken to pay fees on the Student’s behalf.

1.3 Fees shall be paid directly to TOCES in full in advance.

1.6 Additional fees are payable for:

* Printed course material and ring binders

* Postage costs when printed course material and ring binders are required

* Edexcel (BTEC) and City & Guilds registration fees

* City & Guilds external examinations (RCVS VN programmes only)

* Re-marking fee for referred (failed) Summative Assignment and practical work

* Additional books (optional)

* Postage charges when borrowing books from The Open College library and sending assignments in to TOCES

* British Library copyright fees when papers and journals are obtained

* Overseas students pay the additional cost of airmail for posted materials

* Travel expenses to and from Study Weeks

* Study week accommodation, breakfast and dinner


College closure of Provision

2.1 Where the provision is closed or withdrawn by the College for operational reasons an alternative programme of study of a comparable size and level will be offered.

2.2 If the offer of the alternative qualification / programme is not accepted by the Student fees in respect of outstanding modules not yet completed will be refunded. Fees for modules already completed will not be refunded.

2.3 Where the provision is closed or withdrawn by the College normally at least 28 days notice will be given.

2.4 Applications for refunds must be made in writing by the Student to the Principal and must be accompanied by the original, or a copy, of the college receipt as proof of payment.

2.5 All refunds have to be approved by the Principal.

2.6 The College will not be liable for the refund of fees to Students or for any other financial penalty should the programme, or individual elements of the programme, be cancelled due to war, flood, foot and mouth or other contagious disease, strike, lock-out, industrial action, tempest, accident, civil disturbance, or any other cause whatsoever beyond the College’s control.

Voluntary Withdrawal of a Student

2.7 If the Student withdraws voluntarily, the Terms and Conditions of the College’s Withdrawal Policy apply.


3.1 The Student must notify the Course Administrator at TOCES of any changes of details provided on the Enrolment Form as soon as the change occurs.


4.1 The Colleges reserves the right to refuse admission to the programme if the following conditions are not met:

4.1.1 The Student has attained the prescribed entry qualifications for the programme.

4.1.2 In the opinion of the College the Student is likely to benefit from the programme and achieve its qualification aims and outcomes.

4.2 The Student will attend all Study Weeks as required which will include all lectures, assessments and examinations, and complete all work assignments which form part of the programme.


5.1 This College is committed to ensuring that disabled people, including those with learning difficulties, are treated fairly. All reasonable adjustments to provision will be made to ensure that disabled students and other disabled people are not substantially disadvantaged.


6.1 The Student has a duty to take care of his/her own health and safety and that of other Students. The Student will at all times take reasonable steps to discharge this duty and at all times comply with the Health and Safety regulations which are published by the College.

6.2 If the Student has a disability or has a medical condition which could affect their ability to perform the activities of the course, he/she shall inform the course tutor or equivalent at the time of enrolment.


7.1 The student will read and refer to the Course Study Guide/Handbook supplied by the College which:

– explains how the courses work

– provides support in getting started with the programme

– explains what is expected when completing assignments and sending work in

– explains how to access help and support

– explains the grading criteria that is applied to work

7.2 The Student acknowledges that:

7.2.1 The College is a Distance Learning College and the programme is largely delivered through tutor-supported self-directed study.

7.2.2 They are able to contact the College at the main office in person or by email or phone at any time during normal office working hours for any questions, queries or concerns they may have about the programme requirements.

7.2.3 They are able to contact their allocated course advisor, as advised upon enrolment, at any time via email or phone for assistance with assignment preparation, understanding of course material or any other queries they may have.

7.2.4 They will check their emails, including spam filters and ‘junk’ email boxes, on a regular basis and ensure that the domain equinestudies.co.uk is not “blacklisted” by their email provider.

7.2.5 For all Higher Education and Veterinary Nursing/Technician programmes, they must complete each study stage in order as per the Personal Study Planner provided by the College.

7.2.6 All work assignments are required to be submitted in Microsoft Word Format with the exception of PowerPoint presentations as stipulated. The student will ensure their computer system they use for assignment preparation is compatible with Microsoft Office applications.

7.2.7 If applicable to the programme, if they opt not to complete formative work assignments, the results in the summative assignment may reflect this. With the exception of referred work and appealed work, summative assignments cannot be re-submitted if a lower grade than anticipated is attained.

7.2.8 It is highly recommended that Students submit formative work for areas of the module that they are unsure of, or find challenging, in order to gain the most from the course.

7.2.9 All summative assignments are compulsory and all questions are required to be submitted at the same time as one document, with the exception of PowerPoint presentations.

7.2.10 If applicable to the programme, before attending a Study Week, the student must have read through the Modules covered at the Study Week, have attempted most of the in-text questions and begun the Formative Work Assignment for these modules. Other pre-requisites may be in place; students will be notified of these by the College.

7.2.11 If applicable to the programme, the student will book onto the appropriate Study Week before the Study Week booking deadline; they will also read and acknowledge the Study Week booking terms and conditions. If in any doubt about which study week should be attended and when, the student will contact the College for clarification.


8.1 The College completion and extension policy is designed to ensure that students maintain satisfactory progress. Students are expected to complete all required coursework and assessments before the course completion date. Study Weeks must be attended within the course completion time.

8.2 The course completion date is calculated from 14 days following the Enrolment Date (the date payment is received). In exceptional circumstances, the completion date may be extended.

8.3 To request an extension a written application to the Programme Manager, two months before the expiry date is required. The Programme Manager may grant a maximum extension of six months. An extension will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and the decision of the Programme Manager shall be final.

8.4 In the event that an extension is not granted, or the original six month extension is exceeded, but the student wishes to complete the course requirements, any combination of the following fees may be due for payment by the Student:

8.4.1 Difference between the course fees paid at time of enrolment and the current course fee at the time of course continuation request.

8.4.2 Awarding Body re-registration fee if required (e.g. BTEC, City and Guilds)

8.4.3 Additional or updated course material if required:

* BTEC course – £50 per module

* TOCES course – £15 per module

8.4.4 Marking fee per assignment submitted after course completion date of £15 per work assignment/assessment

8.4.5 Study week attendance fee £110 per day

8.4.6 Administration fee of £30

8.5 If more than five years has elapsed since enrolment you may be required to re-enrol onto the programme if an extension is not deemed appropriate at the College’s discretion.



9.1 The College will provide the services required to enable Students to complete their distance learning programmes successfully. These services include the provision of course material in printed and or e-learning formats, a study guide/course handbook, tutors to mark and assess student work, lecturers to deliver lectures at both study weeks and, where appropriate, online webinars and tutorials. A Course Advisor is allocated to each student to provide ongoing support as requested by the student.

9.2 Where the number of Students studying the programme falls below a level, which in the reasonable opinion of the College is necessary for the programme to viably continue, the College reserves the right to cancel, suspend, alter or merge the programme. The College undertakes to give a minimum of 28 days notice of such alteration.

9.3 The College reserves the right to alter the number of learning hours, the syllabus, location, dates and methods of delivery of the programme in the interests of cost-efficiency and quality of outcome at any time during its duration.

9.4 The college will arrange the study weeks necessary to complete the programme and will make students aware of the dates, pre-requisites and booking deadlines via the electronic newsletter (sent to all students by email), on the Moodle e-learning platform, the college Facebook page and websites. If a study week has to be cancelled or postponed for any reason, an alternative date will be provided.


10.1 The College accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to the property, including any motor vehicle or cycle of the Student while on the College premises, nor any personal injury to the Student, unless, in the latter case, caused by the College’s negligence.

10.2 The College hereby expressly excludes liability for any indirect or consequential loss, which may be suffered by the Student as a result of any breach of these conditions or any other act or omission of the College or its employees or agents.

10.3 In the event that the College is found liable to the Student, the liability of the College will be limited to the fees actually paid (except for liability for death or personal injury resulting from the College’s negligence).


11.1 The College will have the right to without liability and without being deemed to be in breach of these conditions, to cancel or alter in any way the programme to which this Learning Agreement relates, where it is obliged to do so through any circumstances beyond the control of the College.

11.2 In these circumstances, the College may attempt to rearrange the original programme but is under no obligation to do so.


12.1      General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates the way in which all personal data is held and processed.  Due to the nature of the business TOCES needs to collect and use information about people with whom we work. This includes prospective and existing students.

12.2      TOCES is registered as a data controller on the register kept by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

12.3      The personal data of students is covered by the lawful basis of contract.  The legal basis for holding this data is that of processing necessary for TOCES to comply with its contractual obligations.

12.4      Full information can be found in TOCES General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy which can be found at www.equinestudies.co.uk and within the Moodle e-learning platform.


13.1      TOCES is committed to ensuring that disabled people, including those with learning difficulties, are treated fairly. All reasonable adjustments to provision will be made to ensure that disabled students and other disabled people are not substantially disadvantaged.

13.2      Students with learning difficulties, disabilities and special needs are assessed on an individual basis and the likely impact of the disability on the student’s ability to successfully complete the programme of study is evaluated.  This evaluation considers the health and safety of the student, and those working with the student, in the range of situations likely to be encountered during the programme.

13.3      When assessing admission for students with physical or sensory disabilities health and safety is considered.  Every reasonably practicable step that can be taken to ensure health and safety will be taken to ensure the student can successfully complete the programme.  Where health and safety could be compromised in a situation, an alternative teaching or assessment method is used, e.g. simulation, if possible.

13.4      Certain physical disabilities may, for health and safety reasons, preclude attainment of learning outcomes within certain elements of a programme.  In these circumstances, following an assessment of the student’s personal plans and career/learning goals, and the extent to which the learning outcomes could or could not be achieved, alternative modules or an alternative programme will be recommended.

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